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Human capital – this is the most important and valuable factor in every business and finding the right people for your team is the biggest challenge for HR departments.

For more than 4 years, in our organization Social Future Foundation and its cause JAMBA, we have been takling the challenge of entering the labor market for people with disabilities in Bulgaria. This period was enough for us to achieve amazing results and to be able to point out many successful examples.

Employers’ feedback shows that when there is a desire, patience and accessible working environment, employees with different abilities can perform as good as every other employee.

We are happy that more and more companies in Bulgaria are giving people with different abilities the chance to get equal access to the labor market. Responsible companies are the ones which define and create the tendencies to change attitudes in society.

Nevertheless, it is important for businesses and the society to be aware of all the positive aspects and challenges of employing people with different abilities. Also, how companies are encouraged by the state to expand their teams with employees with disabilities, what are the details that they need to think about in providing an accessible work environment and many other important facts. That is why, together with Ernst & Young’s support, we have created an employer toolkit that brings together all the important and necessary information.

  • Governmental support and benefits for the business

    1. Financial benefits for the business when hiring unemployed people with disabilities: https://goo.gl/QDirNe

    2. Support for hiring young people with disabilities: https://goo.gl/jdr2VS